nedelja, november 13, 2005


when i feel gloomy i sometimes have to have a piece of most caloric cake
and always feel sick right after i swallow the last bit
~ i often
can't join cloudy conversations people make as i feel
i have nothing to add, crucified among my spiderlike thoughts
i like hip-hop and r'n'b vibes because i can dance sluty to them
even when i totally separate rhythm from plain, superficial lyrics

i like jazzy voices, a little raucous, imperfection moves me
i am deeply touched by the rainy piano music, too (& dance sluty to it regardless)
i am the most active dancer who moves on her mind all the time to daily music
produced by emotions even though i look still, so you know - that is just a front, inside i dance to what i am feeling
i love the smell of freshly baked bread, the sea and boastful flowers that
gipsy woman sells each morning at the market

i am addicted to adrenalin; that's why i often push myself to weird situations and then i have to swim with the tide to not drown
~ i admire colours, green, violet, red and all the others i combine with heteregeneous materials, scarfs, hats and a pair of trashy earrings finally sends me off to the world
i love changing my hair, from big, licentious curls to silky licked plaits, from afro to Spanish
~ i love to bathe in bubbles or open up to weather in the fresh air, alone
i like to enter to a film, painting, music, words, to any kind of likable image, feeling, into their soul, for free
i like to imagine how would people react to rampant impulses, it's great fun
i like, dislike, admire, envy, want and need many other things, too, at different stages, but these here i wanted to express right now


At 8:48 pop., Blogger Bo said...

Prav res strašno rada barvaš. Všeč sta mi modri v tem postu.

Moram pa priznati, da če mi kaj ni všeč, je to črna podlaga ... aAA, ne prenesem ... in Lilit je v Helluo librorum ne misli menjati. Super. :)

At 10:44 pop., Blogger Zvita said...

Ja, rada imam barve, ki so (še posebno) na črnem ozadju najizrazitejše.



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