torek, december 13, 2005

de lux * * * * *
Some say it's obsession,
I say it's the TRUTH.
When somebody grows into you
and effectively replaces your artery,
it's natural.
It's extraordinary.
It's crazy
as love gets.
I could pull his hair out,
cut his toenails,
be his favourite flamboyant whore
or his morning after hangover.
I could also be the one to unlock his castle
he's been building since he was born,
give him a tour of a treasure-house,
and the malicious pillager
who would burn it down
without a warning.
It can fry my brain
or quench my thirst
and spring me up to touch the Moon,
but it will never fraternize
with some December mediocrity
and for that,
my dear,
I Love Thee.

P.S. Love is blindness!


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