petek, december 16, 2005

puffy future ahead
decades relived
5,5 feet under the surface
and a shapeless balloon above

airy substances

all fictive
torn fantasy

chapters move
from this to another
as fast as babies are born
here and there
and everywhere

some mysterious messages
i hear in my head
are frightening me
not sure what they mean

i love mystery

my beloved fantasy

fuck reality

it shatters

limbs trembling
like violin strings

there's a violent scream
and it's gone
before you locate it

what do you do
when you are always late?

I am so curious ...


At 1:06 dop., Blogger BigWhale said...

Ob branju tvojega bloga, ne vem a sem zmesan jaz ali ti? Najbolj se pa nagibam k teoriji, da sva oba nekje tam... ;>

In to, na tak prijetno zanimiv nacin. :)

At 10:07 dop., Blogger Zvita said...

"O, v kako nenavadnih oblikah se lahko izraža norost zdravih ljudi," ;-)

Jaz se nagnjena "malo" čez, počutim zelo fino, zate pa ne vem.


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