sreda, november 23, 2005

After a small medical operation, operation sounds awfully serious, i have to rest end enjoy being served, cared for ... It's a beautiful day shining through my window, and, unlike most of the healthy days, i'd love to breathe it outside, huge bonus, fully intoxicated by the air, loud voices of the kids walking to school and back, i wouldn't mind listening to the car brakes. It isn't even a cliche that we cherish and worship health as the most valuable treasure we can possibly be sprinkled with (Do i sound like a 85 year old dying in agony? Damn :-) ). Inserting brackets just now reminded me of a funny dissension i shared with the best doctor ever, really, Dr. Lavrič is the man, about Roman digits, me teaching him what is what – line as a digit or a bracket, that congenial, totally conquering and superior sidelong look he whiped me with gently, as in girl, i've learned my 0-10s in my junior school ... That was hilarious. I still think i was right and there was no. II written on my note for him insted of III. that he saw; but how can one be sure, doctors all scribble like loonies. Anyway, i am feeling just fine, able to move snowed up mountains with my left foot and right hip. Can't wait to go back to work tomorrow.

Words monumental, acute, membrane, heuristic, roomy and simulated dance along my polished dance-hall mind. Trying to dispatch them in a circular tour, in a shape of condensed little entirety, a poem.

Very instant attempt:

Awakening of a yellow monumental day
straining under the gravity
acute fear rasping
beneath my creased emotional membrane
that roomy day, full of everything
and nothing
just like feminine woman pelvis
simulating birth at every move we do
cautious, thin-skinned contacts
with ourselves ...


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