ponedeljek, december 05, 2005


If anyone needs a gentle lullaby before bedtime, pamper your senses with Ben Harper's version of Sexual healing. It's .... so much better than description my words could deliver .

Night night!


At 11:09 pop., Blogger quercus said...

Skrbnik spletnega dnevnika je odstranil ta komentar.

At 11:11 pop., Blogger quercus said...

I am listening to it right now, hoping to get some sleep tonight. Smooth, I like it. It really makes me feel like sit back, close my eyes and dream about my sweetheart :).

At 10:10 dop., Blogger Zvita said...


It makes me want more than dreaming :-). Have to stand up, close my eyes and curve to this sexual melody, but when it fades out, i am ready for a little dream, too.


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