torek, januar 24, 2006

# Chat

I'm babbling about Him to a friend when he interrupts me sarcastically:
»I'm not buying any of this, the person you are talking about must be at least Jesus's twin brother, identical even«.
Hmm. Short pause.
»No way, what do you mean?! He is neutrally average, what makes him special is that he doesn't give a fuck about intruding standards, he creates his own, and to me, that is simply the only way to exceed
»Why are you trying so hard to be weird
»Am I
»Well, I am not even sure anymore. Maybe you truly are
»So searching for lofty subtlety, which i think is essential for to be or not to be, is intimidating enough for the majority, way out of reach and to you that equals distasteful, so the easiest denial in facing it, invertedly, is to call it weird, crazy etc.?«
»Damn, you are stubborn, T. Call it however you wish, you are the one to pay the untouchable messy sequels, or their thin peel even, if I got it right. You choose; the easy or the wicked way. No need to answer, i know you too well. Peace out, girl


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