torek, januar 03, 2006

Ladybird manoeuvres

I want him to seize my boiling
with a fishing net.
When I get wet
I bring luck,
dotted all over my
I want to teach him how to
spread them nicely
so i can wee
my luck on him
~ air-dried wee transforms into a raincoat ~
and make him wear it,
pocketful of smacking kisses,
when i am not there.
I welcome him onboard
as my first navigator
as long as he finds the way
to lead us through
heavy erotic turbulence.


At 3:41 pop., Blogger Bo said...

Fluid at rest
exerts no strains,
only stresses,
or so they say.
Fluid in motion
on the other hand
tends to get wild,
wild as a goose without gander,
or equally the other way around.
But then laminar flows
can be tamed,
but turbulent,
oh boy,
I don't believe
anyone really can
tame that.

At 4:05 pop., Blogger Zvita said...


Hvala, nice try.

Brezupen primer (moja malenkost), neutrudljiva sikarica.


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