ponedeljek, oktober 10, 2005


he drives a rocket plane without his extremities
fuel moistens his eyes
he marches between planets
and he floats

asking him for a little love
is asking him to powerfully take-off
he is spasmodically divided
among the shiny stars & earthy daisies
but his touch shifts us all to the other side

he is cosmic
in violating temporal foundations
and feminine order

when he gets thirsty
he gulps peachy kisses
we blow at him

versatile projectile
blazing swiftness


At 12:52 pop., Anonymous Anonimni said...

i know this guy this guy
that u write about
i live in his world
breathe in his air
and propagate his
sublime subliminal
this 2 me is a poem about
hybrid love+lust
that girl$ feel
and boys pretend they don't
any how i'm gonna go on break and have a ciggarette
and lovlie cup of tea with no milk in it cause i fuckin hat that shite.
so in the words of Moschino Moschion "peace love and happiness".

guess who

At 3:01 pop., Blogger Zvita said...

Huuhhh ... Tough 1, leads me to think of at least 5 possible mystery men (Ben, but u don't smoke - cigarettes at least ;-), few more i won't name + do not know about their little habits so ...)

Brings be back to beginning - no clue, a more tangible hint maybe?

At 10:34 pop., Blogger Zvita said...

Or, guessing of course, is it someone who Dares? Vocabulary and symbols fit.


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